SEK 350
SEK 379
SEK 595
SEK 200
SEK 436
Rubber bands for resistance training. These rubber bands are designed for heavy resistance and...
SEK 120
SEK 689
SEK 436
SEK 185
SEK 129
SEK 139
SEK 495
SEK 499
SEK 495
SEK 140
SEK 195
Adidas Reaction Ball
Reebok Reaction Ball bounces unpredictably, challenging first step explosive abilities,...
SEK 160
SEK 325
SEK 425
SEK 1,595
SEK 165
SEK 745
Adidas Speed Resistor
Speed Resistor will add resistance to plyometric and explosive multi-directional agility drills...
SEK 995SEK 1,115
Adidas Speed Ladder
The Speed Ladder is an amazing tool to work on change of direction and quickness. Polypropylene...
SEK 875SEK 985
Adidas Agility Discs
Agility Grid System - Offers the benefits of agility rings and dots, dot drill mats, ladders and...
SEK 495SEK 575
Adidas Agility Grid System
Agility Grid System - Offers the benefits of agility rings and dots, dot drill mats, ladders and...
SEK 590SEK 690
Adidas Medicine Ball
Medicine Balls er det perfekte redskab til din core- og stabilitetstræning.
SEK 439
Casall Kettlebell
A training who is originally from Russia. Kettlebells enabling efficient and dynamic exercises...
SEK 1,200
SEK 13,750
SEK 495
Adidas Lateral Speed Resistor
Lateral Speed Resistors can be used to improve leg muscles and increase joint stability for...
SEK 355
SEK 198
SEK 900
Agility ladder
Train mobility and coordination with an agility ladder.
SEK 690
Reebok Resistance Parachute
Resistance Parachutes create the drag necessary to force athletes to push themselves harder to...
SEK 485SEK 575
MD Manila Rope
Heavily rep for Crossfit. monteret with a metal hook for the opportunity to hook the rope one end.
SEK 1,199
SEK 2,150
SEK 4,560
SEK 295
SEK 10,990
Train with extra wind resistance by running with a löpskärm. Do as many football players and...
SEK 385
SEK 4,150
The unique Gyroboard braking mechanism allows the rotation and torsion of the board to be slowed...
SEK 3,110
SEK 3,200
SEK 2,745
SEK 5,200
SEK 36,990SEK 37,990
SEK 5,999
SEK 5,799
SEK 436
SEK 1,870
SEK 1,090
SEK 26,800
SEK 2,050
SEK 5,500
SEK 7,995
SEK 4,995
SEK 4,485
SEK 9,300
SEK 11,900
SEK 14,800
SEK 6,100
SEK 1,495
SEK 149
Adidas Speed Training High Cones
High Cones are ideal field or court markers for all training drills. High colour contrast against...
SEK 245
Adidas Speed Hurdle
Lateral Endurance Hurdle is an amazing tool for improving foot speed and knee lift or for raising...
SEK 975SEK 1,115
SEK 4,690
SEK 13,800
SEK 8,700
SEK 1,100
SEK 6,995