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Train with extra wind resistance by running with a löpskärm. Do as many football players and...
SEK 385
SEK 495
SEK 1,495
SEK 1,195
SEK 149
SEK 695
SEK 495
SEK 495
SEK 495
Adidas Lateral Speed Resistor
Lateral Speed Resistors can be used to improve leg muscles and increase joint stability for...
SEK 355
Adidas Reaction Ball
Reebok Reaction Ball bounces unpredictably, challenging first step explosive abilities,...
SEK 160
Adidas Speed Ladder
The Speed Ladder is an amazing tool to work on change of direction and quickness. Polypropylene...
SEK 875SEK 985
Agility ladder
Train mobility and coordination with an agility ladder.
SEK 690